Removing the mystery

There is a misplaced sense of mystique about what architects do. Step by step, by consultation and agreement, we will lead you through the entire process from the first germ of an idea to the finished building. 

The initial meeting:

An architect's professional training and experience means that we can interpret and respond to any realistic brief we are given. At your initial meeting we will discuss your intentions and ideas. We will listen carefully to what you have to say and will take and develop a brief which covers not only design aesthetics but also the function of the building, running costs, budget and timing. Only after you have seen and approved initial sketches will the ideas be translated into detailed designs. At an early stage we can help you define a range of costs for your project.

The planning process:

An important part of an architect's service is to smooth the path with the States of Jersey planning authorities and act as ambassador on your behalf. We will discuss the plans with planning officers before applying for planning permission and building regulations clearance, and greatly increase the likelihood of obtaining planning permission. We will understand, and know how to apply, a complex web of building regulations and other rules which govern such things as structural integrity, ventilation, sanitation, insulation and fire safety and listed building consents. Clearly presented, professionally drawn plans can both save you a great deal of time and significantly improve your chance of success.

Builders and other professionals:

We will help you find and brief any other consultants you may need – a structural engineer or a quantity surveyor, for example. With planning approval in place we will prepare working drawings with technical specifications for builders to tender, and will ask a number of firms to estimate costs and timings. When you have chosen a builder, we can recommend a form of contract that will set out the terms, the timetable and what will happen if the builder overruns on costs or time.

Work in progress:

We will monitor the building work, organise site meetings and report progress to you.